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Notable Cases

Over the past 43 years, Tom Worthington and his team of lawyers and experts at The Worthington Law Centre have handled many of the most controversial, complex, and difficult cases to arise in Central California.

Beginning in 1972, after only two years in practice, Mr. Worthington mounted a diminished capacity defense and got probation for a man charged with murder and assault with a firearm in an attack on his estranged girlfriend and her new boyfriend. Two years later Mr. Worthington teamed up with the famed lawyer, Charles Garry, to defend Freddie Medrano and Inez Garcia, a woman who killed the man who raped her.

Since those beginning years, Mr. Worthington and the other attorneys at The Worthington Law Centre, have continued to give their clients a commitment to excellence and to provide them with genuine hope in desperate situations.

In two recent cases, Thomas Worthington obtained dismissal of murder charges against a woman alleged to have stabbed her husband to death in their bedroom; and in late 2012, Brian Worthington defended a family man who had never been in trouble a day in his life against an accusation that he robbed a tow truck driver at gun point. Brian Worthington won a verdict of not guilty on all charges. In both cases, our clients walked out of jail, free.

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