The Worthington Law Centre building

Hitchcock House

The Hitchcock House: Home of the Salinas office of The Worthington Law Centre

Originally built in 1908, the Hitchcock House was bought by Tom and Karen Worthington in 1993, saving it from demolition in the Salinas High School expansion project. The Worthingtons moved it from its original location on South Main Street to its new home at 215 West Alisal Street. Once relocated, they were successful in getting the house recognized as a California Historic Resource ensuring that the original craftsmanship of the house would be maintained. Over the next 16 months, the house underwent painstaking restoration. In 1994 the Worthingtons moved their law practice into The Hitchcock House and it has remained the home of the Salinas Office of The Worthington Law Centre since that date. It is one of the most admired and recognizable landmarks in downtown Salinas. The walls along the stairway and the conference room are lined with the original 1908 blueprints. Also in the conference room is a framed article from the Salinas Californian dated September 12, 1993, with a photograph of the house, recently moved to its new home, still on its temporary cribbing, awaiting completion of its new foundation.

Inside the waiting area there is a plaque recognizing the craftsmanship and labor of Mrs. Worthington’s father, Leo Rovedatti, and the generosity of Mr. Worthington’s mother, Adeline Worthington, in helping to complete the reconstruction process, and dedicating the building to the memory of their late parents, Alverta Wilson and Maurice Worthington.