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Client Testimonials

Dear Mr. Worthington

In early August of 2015 The Office of the Attorney General filed one count of Felony Perjury against me. This charge stemmed from a Search warrant affidavit I authored while serving as a Narcotics Investigator for the San Luis Obispo District Attorney’s Office.

At the time the charges were filed I was a member of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). My labor attorney recommended I contact your office for an initial consultation. I was relieved to learn that The Worthington Law Centre was a (FOP) approved Law Firm. My wife and I we’re impressed with the professionalism, time and care you put into our initial meeting. We both felt confident with your ability to properly represent me with this legal problem I was facing.

Over the course of the next several months I had regular contacts with your office staff and paralegal, specifically Bertha and Karen Worthington. Your staff made sure I was up to date and on task with providing documentation needed for my defense. Your staff always treated me with the utmost respect and dignity. Your staff should be commended for their professionalism and compassion.

During the entire 3 week trial, your organization, presentation and commitment to ensuring the jury had a clear and concise picture of our defense was the source of my strength.

The fact that the jury was able to come to a unanimous decision (Not Guilty) in less than one hour after hearing three weeks of statements from multiple witnesses and being shown several items of evidence; is a clear testimony to your superior skill and experience as a criminal defense attorney.

My family and I will never forget all that you and your staff have done for us.


August Justina (AJ) Santana III


Thank you for your diligent efforts and time regarding my case. I would like to express my extremely positive experience.

All is very well here. I can’t express enough how satisfied I was with your services and your professional staff. You are also very genuine and have given us some very good sound advise in addition to our most positive outcome.

Mr. Phillips,
A thank you is simply not enough to be said to you and your team. Understandably you handle cases like mine on a regular basis. I do not, nor do I hope to ever again. From the very first time we met your were not only reassuring but honest of my cases and their potential outcomes. I truly respected that especially in such a stressful time we were in. Your instructions for me to attend the classes and courses that I did helped in me legally and especially personally. The outcome that was achieved was testament to that saving me and my family thousands of dollars.

John was extremely helpful and caring in my cases and I that I attend the meetings and classes that I went to throughout the time of my cases. I will continue to attend these classes along with my VA treatment. I really appreciate Johns’ punctuality and attention to detail which kept me on track.

Bertha’s professionalism made sure every visit I made to your office was valuable.

In closing, your firm lived up to the reputation of why I hired you and I will always recommend Worthington Law firm if anyone I know needs legal service.

Best Regards,
Tony V.

From the very beginning of my legal tribulation, Mr. Brian Worthington and his team- showed genuine interest, held my hand, and guided me through an uncharted territory with a favorable result. He acted not only as my lawyer, but also as a mentor with patience, an interpreter most of the time, and he even helped coordinating my personal matters when I was incarcerated. I recommend his counsel to everyone who needs legal representation.


This letter is to thank you for representing and taking my case. I personally feel you did a superb job, and I thank you once again. Congratulations on your nomination for one of Northern California’s Super Lawyers, as well as your father. Me and my family thank you as well for the deal that you got me, so I am truly thankful. Once again, thank you for everything.

Sincerely, Mario C.

Dear Brian and Tom:

We wished to send this message to express our great appreciation and thanks for your handling of our son’s case. Beginning with our initial telephone contact with Tom months ago, and through Brian’s most recent court appearances, your office has always been extremely responsible in explaining the nature of this case and its potential consequences. Importantly, there has never been any representation made that was not based upon an honest evaluation of the evidence and law.

We were extremely impressed with many things your office did; starting with the prompt contact you had with the District Attorney’s office to ascertain the nature of the charges, to locating and getting statements from potential witnesses. Additionally, we were favorably impressed by your thoroughness, as reflected in your suggestions relating to expert testimony, as well as obtaining character letters.

Throughout this process, your staff, and in particular Ms. Campos, was always extremely helpful in assembling documentation for presentation to the Court and District Attorney and in answering all of our questions.

This has been anxiety-filled process, but we could not imagine having hired a better firm to get us though this process. Our gratitude for everything,

John & Cynthia B.

I had a criminal case that involved multiple charges that went from robbery to possession of a fire arm. Punishment would be severe and I didn’t know where to turn for help. I did some research on line and came up with The Law offices of Thomas S. Worthington.

I contacted the law offices of Thomas S. Worthington for a criminal case. At this time I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Worthington and all their personnel for their help to achieve successful results with my criminal case that was my concern. The experience provided was overwhelming and filled with satisfaction. I expect certain professionalism to be provided but it was Mr. Worthington’s genuine concern and dedication offered to me as an individual that was the most significant. Every detail was handled well, the preparation of my case and presentation before the judge was exceptional. I could not have made a better choice in choosing The Law Offices of Thomas S. Worthington to represent me.

I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Thomas S. Worthington to anyone seeking the best legal assistance. I want to express my sincerest, gratitude to Mr. Worthington and all his personnel. Thanks to The Law Offices of Thomas S. Worthington for the wonderful job and positive outcome. It was a strong battle in which Mr. Worthington never gave up.

Mrs. Cortez

Dear Mr. Worthington

Life as we know it changed, Sunday, January 1, 2010 in which I received a phone call from my brother. He told me that a terrible incident occurred. My niece had been taken in for the murder of her husband. As you could imagine, I stood there in disbelief. How, why, what, were the questions that kept popping in my head. Hours before, my family had gathered and celebrated New Years Eve with Emma and her family. A joyous festivity with so much happiness and laughter and within hours of that celebration coming to an end, our world had crumbled.

Soon after that phone call, I got the bible and prayed for guidance. Thereafter my family and I immediately, on Sunday January l, 2010 started to contact attomeys. I had already tried 3 others but there was no answer and honestly, I didn’t think we were going to be able to get anyone on a Sunday and especially on New Year’s Day. One of my niece gave me your name to try, and lord and behold you answered and met us that same day, on New Year’s Day. I thank God everyday that we made that call. The professionalism you showed and the compassion you expressed helped ease our mind and provided us with hope that Emma would have someone on her side, who would advocate on her behalf. Entering your omce and the unknown of the outcome was something we were fearful of. Your mannerism, your soft spoken voice and your belief in Emma and those words that I will never forget “We are going to do everything in our power to help you, leave everything to us”, help ease our mind. At that moment we knew that God had brought us to this particular Law firm.

Thomas Worthington, Brian Worthington and your great team were extremely attentive to our concerns and my niece well being. We will be forever grateful for the outcome of Emma’s Case. The hard work, your time, your perseverance, your dedication and your efforts, helped in the end result of Emma’s Case.

I want to personally thank you on behalf of my family and I for everything you done for Emma. Without you and your team, I do not believe the outcome would not have been as favorable. I truly believe your compassion, your gentleness, your professionalism, your honesty, and how you truly believe in your clients made a difference.

I would highly recommend the Worthington Law Firm to everyone. They will have a excellent team who really cares about the clients and families.

May God Bless you and keep you all safe.

Guadalupe B.

Finding myself in an uncomfortable position of hopelessness and the worst circumstances that I ever faced in my life, the Worthington law firm worked at providing the highest quality of professionalism and attention to detail that I needed to prove my innocence and to win my case. I can’t thank them enough for restoring my hope in order to move forward with my life.

Darla McDonald

The Worthington Law Centre

There are times in a persons life, when something unforseen occurs, this is a statement of one of those times. We recently were informed that our son had been arrested, and was charged with multiple Felonies. As Parents, we were Shocked to say the least. When we arrived at the Monterey County Jail, it was brought to our attention that his bail was set at $1,000,000.00. Shock gave way to Grief, and the feeling of Despair became almost overwhelming. Never have we felt so Helpless, and Alone. With no clear picture as to what direction to take, we started to look for an Attorney with the expierence to handle our sons case. We seached the web, and found The Worthington Law Centre site, as we read some of the cases that they repesented, we were pleased to find a case similar to our son’s. The next day we made an appointment to see Mr. Tom Worthington and discuss our legal problem. It was a Saturday prior to the HoiIdays, and we were amazed that Mr. Worthington took the time to meet with us. From the very first meeting, we felt that we made the right choice. He was Professional in his approch, with a very Humanistic Attitude, and a Calming effect that gave us the Hope we were looking for. Never did we feel he was Judgemental, and you can see his Experience and Confidence as he Explained the step by step Process. We retained his services, and again were amazed with the Complete Service they offer. From Mr. Worthington, to his son Brian, and his wife Karen, and all of his Legal Staff we were treated with Insight, Compassion, and Dignity. They are the Very Best in all terms of Professionalism.Our sons case was resolved with the very Minimum of incarceration, and Probation. Mr. Brian Worthington was with us through every single step of the Court Hearings, and made himself available to us when ever we had questions, no matter how small, and met with our son often to explain the status of his case. I Thank God for their Compassion, and Experience, and while the circumstance of our meeting was not the Best, I am Pleased, Grateful, and Thankful that we made that call. No words can truly express our complete satisfaction with their services.

Respectfully Yours,
Hipolity & Leticia Meza

Dear Mr. Worthington:

I recall when you told me how rarely your clients express their appreciation to you. It is my hope that you will look back at this case, and know how thankful I am for all your hard work, diligence and perseverance. You carefully reviewed every detail of the complaint, crafted a well organized, factual, comprehensive response, made yourself completely available when I needed you, and delivered outstanding results. Please know that I would be most happy to refer clients to you, and would not hesitate to endorse your firm without qualification.

Thank you, Scott.