The Worthington Law Centre building



Superior Courts (listed by County):

District Attorney Offices (listed by County):

County Jails (listed by County):

Work Alternative Programs (listed by County):

Monterey County: (Monterey County Sheriff): 831-759-7230 or 831-759-7231

Santa Clara County: Weekend Work Program: 408-957-5871

Monterey County Probation:

Work Alternative Program (Monterey County Sheriff): 831-759-7230 or 831-759-7231

Monterey County Revenue and Recovery: 831-755-5042

Department of Motor Vehicles:

Interestate Interlock: 831-647-8022

Monterey County Behavioral Health 1-888-258-6029 or 831-755-5505

Sun Street Services—Monterey County DUI Program: 831-753-5735

Monterey County DUI Program—Sun Street Services: 831-753-5735

Recovery Centers:


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